Application Process


Student Application Process

Thinking to study abroad and don’t know where to start? Or you know where you want to study and need some further guidance on how to apply to particular institution? We can help! Our counsellors are experts in the industry and we have our own personal experience of being International students will surely able to share best advice and help you to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams. Our online platform will support you throughout the application process and will save you time and convenience to do it at your own home! We also offer chat support so you can always ask us if you have any queries. Submitting application will never been this easy as all you need is good smartphone to take picture/capture your documents and upload it to our portal. So why wait? The future is in your hand right now!


Application Process Guide

Seamless process from start to your destination


Choose the best course and institution that suits you

1. Each institution is unique and offer the best education in their style. You can chat with us about your needs and expectation and we can advise you the recommended institution and program to match your criteria and future career. Use our online chat to instantly connect to our expert education adviser to discuss your study plan.


Create profile and submitting application online

2. Creating your profile is important so we know in detail about you and mandatory information needed to apply to the institution. You will need to enter accurate information and choosing the preferred program and institution. You also need to submit relevant documents needed for the application as per requirement. We will be screening your application and provide expert advice to ensure that your application will be successful.


Pay the application fee

3. Application fee is varied from each institution. Once you have made the payment, we will send your application to institution(s) of your choice! Furthermore, we will update you on the application status, either they will require further documents from you, or the chosen program no longer available, or waitlisted. Or they will issue you the offer! Application fee is NON refundable.


Accept/Decline or Adjust your offers

4. Once the institution(s) issue you the offer letter, you can accept, decline, or requesting to adjust the offer to different program/deferring the study. In order to accept a program, a deposit/tuition fee MAY required by the chosen institution. Most likely you WILL NOT able to process the visa/study permit without confirming/accepting the offer by making the initial deposit/payment. This deposit/tuition fee payment usually refundable upon satisfactory explanation of deferral/cancelation after the payment (ie. Visa Refusal, major medical issue or other extenuating circumstances).


Apply for the visa/study permit

5. Upon accepting the offer, you can apply for the visa. Each country and embassy have specific requirement for the visa process. Please always refer to their website for most accurate information. If it is still unclear, feel free to ask us for the guide and we will direct you to it.


Ready to start your journey

6. Congratulation! Your visa/study permit is approved! Now you can get ready for your journey. Ask us for pre-departure briefing so we can guide you know all aspect you need to prepare before leaving your country. We also offer full support in country destination to make your journey smooth and carefree.
Disappointing result? Keep calm and please consult with us what would be the concern and we can refer you to our expert panels to access the situation and provide proper advise.


Get Rewarded

7. Get rewarded for you study! Earn points when you choose to enroll through us and points can redeemable for many items such as flight tickets, electronics, transit pass, dining voucher, movie night and many more!


Earn more reward

8. Craving for more points to get better reward? Copy your link in your profile and share it with your friends and family who want to study abroad to apply through En2rol. Once they successfully start their course, you also automatically will earn reward*! Terms and Conditions apply.

Let’s prepare you for the futureRegister
All institutions are now open for 2021 intakes!  Apply and submit your application before October 30, 2021 to get 100 bonus points